Turn Out

L ast Sunday, as the first waves of a reported 10,000 people gathered on the New Haven Green to see insurgent presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speak, a handful of Chapel Street pedestrians got the surprises of their lives—or at least their 2016s.

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It was Bernie Sanders, out for a walk. Maybe he wanted to see a little of the Elm City before his speech under the elms, and before the demands of a presidential campaign would whisk him away to somewhere else in this big country of ours. Maybe he wanted to give his Secret Service agents, charged with both accommodating and containing a growing throng of swooning fans, a warm-up before the main event.

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Whatever the case, it’s nice to be relevant. This uncommonly competitive Democratic primary means Connecticut can be 36th of 50—39th of 57, if you count non-state primaries, like those in Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico—and still merit visits from the contenders. Hillary Clinton and several surrogates made a series of small appearances around town between Thursday and yesterday, with her husband, former president Bill Clinton, providing the bookends.

Our votes definitely matter this time, folks. All the more reason to find your polling place and, sometime between now and 8 p.m., find the time to vote.

Written and photographed by Dan Mims.

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