High Beams

F eel like a cloud’s been hanging over you all week? That’s because it has.

Now it’s clear skies ahead. A days-long struggle between wind and vapor resolved yesterday afternoon, revealing the atmospheric gold and blue most of us like so much.

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Knights of Columbus Museum presents Joy to the World: Crèches of Central Europe

The city in turn shined, from the glassy Technolutions building to the silvery holiday decorations of the Quinnipiack Club across Church Street. The Yale School of Art caught rays bouncing across Chapel off The Study at Yale Hotel, while the Langan building on Sargent Drive radiated hot and cold as per its orangey-bluish appointments. The Green, of course, glowed green.

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The Shops at Yale

Missed those radiant scenes yesterday? Not like that cloud, we’ve got you covered.

Written and photographed by Dan Mims.

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Dan has worked for a couple of major media companies, but he likes Daily Nutmeg best. As DN’s editor, he writes, photographs, edits and otherwise shepherds ideas into fully realized feature stories.

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