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This Week in New Haven (April 1-7)

As we regain access to a favorite overlook, don’t overlook important film screenings, beers bubbling in miniature mugs and a locally favored team vying for a national championship. …

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High Beams

Feel like a cloud’s been hanging over you all week? That’s because it has.

Now it’s clear skies ahead. …

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Seeing, and Believing

Modernism suits us. It suited us long before there was even a word for it, and it suits us now, decades after it officially went out of style.…

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This Week in New Haven (March 23 – 29)

Just a Band - Yale's Africa Salon

New Haven goes on a world tour this week, no packing necessary. Tuesday, an honorary European speaks about food and “celebration”…

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This Week in New Haven (September 16 – 22)

at 32 Edgewood Gallery

The weather’s turning cooler, and so is New Haven. A much-respected under-the-radar band comes to Cafe Nine on Tuesday, the day before the Whitney Humanities Center presents an advance screening of the latest…

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This Week in New Haven (November 12 – 18)

Igudesman and Joo

Memorials and anniversaries abound this week in New Haven, from honoring war veterans to marking 150 years of the New Haven Museum. But there are also contemporary cut-ups and carryings-on from comedians …

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This Week in New Haven (September 17 – 23)

Davy and Peter Rothbart, founders of Found Magazine

The arts, history and world culture collide this week, from an underground adaptation of 88-year-old Russian satire to a freewheeling dreamplay about forgotten episodes in American…

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This Week in New Haven (April 23-29)

Kogar & Rat Fink & Boo Boo

From the city’s defining rock formation to cutting-edge modern sculpture. From the historic Lovell Elementary School to modern dance at Yale. From a psycho-‘60s cinematic hoot to modern psychedelic jams. This week in New Haven is one for the ages.…

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