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River Blue

On a Saturday afternoon in August, I saw a man perched over six or seven ropes that’d been cast into the West River. On their submerged ends were traps, a chicken leg attached to each for bait. As he hauled …

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This Week in New Haven (August 24 – 30)


As college students return to the city for another school year this week, other forces draw New Haveners outward—to North Haven, Madison…

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This Week in New Haven (July 20 – 26)

Summer in New Haven means heat. This week it comes from baking, and smoking, and sun, and sand, and tropics-conjuring steel drums.…

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Pressed for Time

West Cove Studio & Gallery

There’s a former factory in West Haven whose history lives in its heavily scored floorboards, shredded up by sharp edges of heavy machinery since the building’s construction in 1910.…

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Surf and Turf

Once upon a time, beginning just after the Civil War, the West Haven shoreline harbored one of the most popular warm-weather resorts in New England, Savin Rock Amusement Park. With…

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This Week in New Haven (July 21 – 27)

Music on the Green 2014

Every good story has a beginning, a middle and an end, it’s said. In that case, this week in New Haven tells a tale of music and food, with events explicitly marrying the two happening Monday, Thursday…

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Semper Fi

Margaret Middleton of the Connecticut Veterans Legal Center

A huge number of military veterans return from war and find a different kind of struggle awaiting them at home. Mental health issues like post-traumatic stress disorder and other impediments to rejoining civilian life—like…

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Inner Drive

Renee Hughes of Lucy's Taxi

If Norma Jean Mortensen can become “Marilyn Monroe,” and Eldrick Woods can become “Tiger Woods,” and Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor can become “Lorde,” why can’t Reneé Hughes become “Lucy”?…

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Easy Come, Easy Go

West Haven Commuter Rail Station tracks

By 7:15 a.m., most of the nearly 650 parking spaces at the West Haven Metro-North Railroad (MNR) station are filled. Only about 20 people stand on the Grand Central-bound platform as the 7:24 train rolls up, but that’s because its …

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This Week in New Haven (January 13 – 19)

Former Senator Richard Lugar

Yale returns to full form this week with a talk by a misunderstood former U.S. senator, plus a dystopian dramatic offering and a slate of events related to Martin…

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