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Trail Mix

Elders with walking sticks, babies in jogging strollers, dogs walking their families—all humanity, it seems, is making the winding trek…

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Bits and Pieces

One of the most valuable collections at the New Haven Museum’s Whitney Library isn’t a set of rare manuscripts or first editions. …

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Tracking Quarry

Sleeping Giant State Park

“Welcome home Giant lovers!” the Sleeping Giant Park Association’s Facebook page proclaimed on June 14. …

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Hang It Up

In 1990, Frank Cooper had an idea. …

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Giant Task

Since May, the Sleeping Giant Park Association, whose mission is to protect and maintain Hamden’s iconic Sleeping Giant State Park, has faced its biggest challenge since the one that catalyzed the volunteer group’s formation in 1924. …

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Taken by Storm

The cloud was monstrous. Some saw it as a cone spiraling into itself like a massive spin of cotton candy. Others saw a giant layered bowl on a dense pedestal of rain. The National Weather Service later identified it as …

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Friends in Needles

Christian DiMenna at Lovecraft Tattoo

When the tattoo artists at Lovecraft need a bit of inspiration, they often look to their walls. Each of the four inkers has a dedicated work room, and, in a sense, three of those rooms are themselves inked.…

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East Rock Park view of West Rock Park, New Haven and Hamden

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
—from The Misunderstanding by Albert Camus

Not every leaf in New Haven is a flower. Indeed, most aren’t. Not yet. But there’s no denying the…

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Head for the Hills

The "Castle" at Sleeping Giant State Park

New Haven is blessed to be surrounded by cool climbing places. Within city limits there are the East and West Rocks. Then, not far beyond, is a formation whose very name seems less rocky, more comfy: Sleeping Giant.

Hikers don’t …

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Big & Tall

Glasses sculpture outside the Study at Yale

The Sleeping Giant is one of the enduring icons of Southern Connecticut, a slope of hills which forms the shape of a prone, lain-down body. In the late 1980s, local arts activist Jeff Burnett concocted a festival called “Waking the …

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