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City on a Hillhouse

“Jemmy,” we hardly know ye.

Though he’s one of New Haven history’s most illustrious citizens, James Hillhouse (Oct. 20, 1754 – Dec. 29, 1832) is a bit of a mystery. He left behind little or nothing in the way of …

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Character Development

Local college mascots are more than foam and fabric. They’re also flesh and blood—in one case, a canine’s—with tales behind their tails.…

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No Recess

The Polish name “Dobrowolski” (pronounced Dobrovolski) translates to “one of good will.” In the case of New Haven attorney Joseph S. Dobrowolski, “iron will” might be more appropriate.…

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Surf and Turf

Once upon a time, beginning just after the Civil War, the West Haven shoreline harbored one of the most popular warm-weather resorts in New England, Savin Rock Amusement Park. With…

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Smooth Operator

Ed Tankus

Ed Tankus is known as a “smoothie”—not for his engaging interpersonal style, but rather his musical tastes. His passion for smooth jazz is the foundation of Blue Plate Radio, the Hamden…

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Rear View

2014 Review

Daily Nutmeg’s covered a lot of ground since January 1, 2014.

On January 2, writer Cara McDonough put the city’s tucked-away U.S. Coast Guard outpost onto New Haveners’ collective SONAR.…

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Cold Comforts

Cranberry Mojito and Ramos Fizz at Olea

In winter, the heart longs for rich, warm, comforting drinks that stick to the ribs. Better still if what sticks also zings on the way down.

Few spirits are as hearty and walloping as a nice bourbon.…

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Close to Home

At North Haven cat and dog rescue The Animal Haven, workers and volunteers do what they can to help the residents feel at home. On occasion, the animals have taken that hospitality a little too far.…

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Above Water

Brookside Farm Market

Local landmarks come and go—and once gone, they seldom get reborn.

By this and other measures, Woodbridge’s Brookside Farm Market, built across the span of a babbling brook, is…

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Character Development

Handsome Dan

The New Haven area’s college mascots are more than foam and fabric. They’re also flesh and blood—in one case, a canine’s—and there’s meaning behind them, with tales to go with their tails.…

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