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This Week in New Haven (May 2 – 8)

Artwalk 2014

New Haven’s not playing around with its playing around this week, as plays are staged, games are played and popular annual rituals play out. …

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This Week in New Haven (February 29 – March 6)

Darlington, Wisconsin by David Ottenstein

March’s weather may not be coming in like a lion—this winter’s been pretty lamb-y—but its events calendar is. …

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This Week in New Haven (February 15 – 21)

"Rising Air, Rising Moon" by Ava Orphanoudakis

As an awkward dance plays out to see who’ll be joining the ranks of those we celebrate next Presidents’ Day, this year’s holiday leads our …

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This Week in New Haven (November 9 – 15)

A rich, interwoven cast of characters rides into, or simply across, New Haven this week. There’s a celebration of …

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Shadows of Doubt

The well-being of a Catholic schoolboy is in question. The actions of a priest are under scrutiny. The certainty of an accusing nun is unsettling.

With no clear answers offered by the time the actors…

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This Week in New Haven (March 2 – 8)

Arkadi Zaides

An unusual drawing series. A one-time dance performance. A jaw session with a humor writer. An intrigue-filled play. A roaming occasion with gallery stops. An inspired…

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This Week in New Haven (October 27 – November 2)

Jack White - "Blunderbuss" cover art

Amid celebrity appearances and other notable cultural events this week, the zombie elephant in the room is Halloween, which inspires a gutsy retail experiment in a tight space, a…

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Presto Chango

George Kulp and Peter Chenot in The Magician

“Pah pah pah pah pah pah pah…”



A few days ago, in garish black tuxedo and red dress shirt, deep-throated New Haven Theater…

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This Week in New Haven (March 3 – 9)

"Chance of Rain" by Amy Arledge

March is on the march and so are the arts from the middle of the week on, with music, theater, painting, sculpture, wax work, you name it. Before that, sober reflection Monday gives way…

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Wilder Things

Thornton Wilder

Even though the playwright, teacher, lecturer, screenwriter, opera librettist and novelist Thornton Wilder (pictured above) was born in Wisconsin in 1897 and lived for a time in China and California, perhaps Hamden above all can claim to have…

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