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Choose Your Own Adventure

CDs at Ives Main Library

The pundit class’s longstanding doom-and-gloom take on hard-copy books has always seemed more about stock market outlooks and missed revenue projections than about real consumer demand. The rest of…

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Label Maker

Safety Meeting Records album covers

New Haven resident Carlos Wells decided long ago to help take music back to its vinyl roots. In 2005, inspired by the sonic clarity and heft of his analog record collection, Wells created the one-man, mostly vinyl-producing music label…

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Mining Cole

Cole Porter

He was the top. He was delightful, delicious, de-lovely. Night and day, he was the one. And he was all that right here in New Haven for a little while in the 1910s.

New Haven has chosen an interesting year …

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Strumming Along

Shawn Persinger

“It seems flippant when I say it,” Shawn Persinger says, smiling. “But when people ask what I do, I say ‘I play guitar.’”

Persinger has had several of his own bands, including the long-running acoustic duo Prester John (with mandolinist …

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Vocal Locals

Frank Sinatra and Tony Consiglio; Michael Bolton with Blackjack

These are the tales of two crooners. One hailed from Hoboken, New Jersey, and picked up a close pal in New Haven along the way to becoming one of the most famous singers of the 20th century. The other is …

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Catch the Waves


From his small office in the basement of Maxcy Hall at the University of New Haven, Bryan Lane is performing his duties as General Manager of WNHU.

Being in charge of a radio station sounds like a pretty cool gig, …

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Joined at the Hip Hop

Hashim Allah

Hashim Allah saw New Haven’s history of Hip Hop as it happened.

Allah did some DJ-ing, rapped a bit, wrote rhymes for others. But mostly he was just around. “I…

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It’s a Long Story

Bob Dylan—or at least a reasonable facsimile of him—is back in town. Quebec-based writer/producer Peter Landecker portrays the music legend in the “theatrical biography” Long Time Gone: Words & Music by Bob Dylan. The Dylan character narrates the tale …

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Going on Records

CDs at Exile on Main Street

A decade or two ago, talking about Exile on Main Street might have involved describing what made the record shop different from others in the region.

That discussion doesn’t really apply anymore. Competitors…

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Pluck of the Irish

Liz McNicholl

Before she was organizing her days around ukulele lessons and booking gigs with her band, Liz McNicholl was a temp at Memorial Sloane-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, having recently moved to the United States from County Meath, Ireland.…

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