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New Haven Review

This year, the New Haven Review celebrates two birthdays. …

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Elm City Whodunit

New Haven mystery novels

Peer into New Haven’s fictional case files with this page-turner, originally published September 19, 2012.

A few years ago, the New Haven Free Public Library distributed a hand-out: “Check Out These…

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Elm City Whodunit

Mystery Novels

Last year, the New Haven Free Public Library distributed a hand-out: “Check Out These Connecticut Mystery Writers.” The list mentioned the action-packed police adventures penned by Andrew Gross (The Dark Tide) and David Handler (Shimmering Blonde Sister

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Hard Covers and Sliced Bread

The Book Trader Café

If you think about it, books and sandwiches have a lot in common. The outside packaging may be attractive, but it’s the filling that matters.

Dave Duda understands that you shouldn’t judge either a novel or a foodstuff by its …

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A Little Sunlight Reading

Edgewood Park

Despite the occasional frosty dip in the temperatures these past few weeks, Spring has assuredly sprung. New Haveners are strolling about the city parks again. Jogging. Bounding. Playing fetch with their pets.

They’re also finding nice comfortable spots on benches …

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The Penn is Mightier Than the Gore

DJZom-B & The Ungrateful Dead by Vinnie Penn

“Speaking of radio, are these guys on the air? Is anyone on the air?”

“Not in Connecticut. ‘Cuz, um, they’re all dead. Seventy-five percent of Connecticut is syndicated, Ivan. You know that.”

— excerpt from DJZom-B & The Ungrateful Dead
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