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Eminent Domain (pt. 2)

From colonial rebel to 20th-century documentarian, some of the most notable yet little-noted women in New Haven history are interred at Grove Street Cemetery. …

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Morale Victory

To mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day this week, Daily Nutmeg is publishing a four-part series examining New Haven’s impact on World War II—and vice versa.

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City on a Hillhouse

“Jemmy,” we hardly know ye.

Though he’s one of New Haven history’s most illustrious citizens, James Hillhouse (Oct. 20, 1754 – Dec. 29, 1832) is a bit of a mystery. He left behind little or nothing in the way of …

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Reading Lights

Yale Sterling Memorial Library

A photo essay.

Yale’s Sterling Library is named for John William Sterling, the person who paid for it, but you can forgive those who mistake the tribute for a simple adjective. …

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