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Safe Houses

400 Blake Street in 2004.

People have been moving houses—literally moving them–for hundreds of years, which may seem foundationally silly in today’s world.

But sometimes it’s the smartest move…

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Tag Teams

Downes Street, New Haven

The family reunion happened at Sandra’s Next Generation Soul Food, in The Hill. The first to arrive were Tank, Eros, Prim and Big Swerm. …

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This World, and the Next

It looks like a spaceship that touched down on Dixwell Avenue in the ’60s and never left. As you walk around it, the structure seems to change shape. Its cut-stone walls …

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To Lay Out Fine Streets

Gain some insight into New Haven’s little green signs with these selections from Doris B. Townshend’s The Streets of New Haven: The Origin of Their Names.

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With Its Dignified New Name

Fair Haven before 1836

Learn how Fair Haven became Fair Haven in this excerpt from Doris B. Townshend’s Fair Haven: A Journey Through Time.

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History Repeated

Doris Townshend

In historian Doris B. Townshend’s last name, the silent “h” stands for history, literally. …

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Read All About It

It’s the last remaining “legacy” newspaper in the Elm City, the only one still published by pressing news ink to paper, then manually delivered to subscribers. It’s the New Haven Register, and, in one form or…

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New Haven’s Finest

John Driscoll circa 1892

“The oldest active sergeant… Unquestionable integrity, loyalty to his duty… Earned the utmost respect of every member of the department… Law-abiding citizens respect and honor this man, lawbreakers fear him… With Rooseveltian persistency…

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City on a Hillhouse

“Jemmy,” we hardly know ye.

Though he’s one of New Haven history’s most illustrious citizens, James Hillhouse (Oct. 20, 1754 – Dec. 29, 1832) is a bit of a mystery. He left behind little or nothing in the way of …

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Something in the Water

Mill River, New Haven

New Haven: the birthplace of the hamburger and, arguably, home to the finest pizza in America. But for centuries it was Crassotrea Virginica—the eastern oyster, a.k.a. the Atlantic oyster—that was the pride of New…

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