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Haunting Houses

Halloween’s tomorrow, but the only decorations among the houses of University Place, a wider-than-long horseshoe looping off Elm Street, are a couple of smallish pumpkins.

Perhaps it’s because these houses don’t need decorating. …

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Magic Power

Halloween’s shadow draws nearer. Soon the powers of witches, ghosts, bogeymen and, most of all, kids jazzed on candy will be at their strongest. During the seven days leading up to Halloween, “magical” happenings will…

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West River Memorial Park

You’re alone in a marsh on the eve of Halloween, and it’s almost dark.

You’d been driving down Ella T. Grasso Boulevard when a flurry of light agitated your eyes, pulled them west towards a waning…

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This Week in New Haven (October 27 – November 2)

Jack White - "Blunderbuss" cover art

Amid celebrity appearances and other notable cultural events this week, the zombie elephant in the room is Halloween, which inspires a gutsy retail experiment in a tight space, a…

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