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The Ice is Right

Ralph Walker Skating Rink

With March rolling around this weekend and a brutally cold winter still nipping, most of us are probably looking ahead to spring. The promise of a return to fair weather seems increasingly tantalizing now that the sun is once…

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Into the Lights

A green smiling dragon in Santa cap wags his pointy tail. A red and yellow sailboat rocks back and forth. A jet skier jumps blue ocean waves. Two bears in hats and scarves throw a snowball back and forth. A …

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Youth Served

The Children's Preschool playground

“Kathy!” Later: “Kathy!” Later: “Kathy!”

At The Children’s Preschool on Whitney Avenue, kids in colorful jackets are bouncing across the playground, chattering and giggling as they…

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The Ice is Right

Ralph Walker Ice Skating Rink

By the time March rolls around, most of us are thinking spring. The promise of a return to fair weather seems increasingly tantalizing now that the sun is shining well past 6 p.m., thanks in no small part to Daylight …

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Head Toward the Lights

Fantasy of Lights

A green, smiling dragon and sailboat rock back and forth through ocean waves. A festive train carries candy canes and gifts with bows. A tireless Victorian paperboy throws his newspaper over and over.

These are some of the denizens of …

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Roll Players

CT RollerGirls

You probably have a picture of roller derby in your head that feels very 1970s: a bunch of tough gals with campy, sexually suggestive pseudonyms skating in a sloped circle on tiny tires, slamming each other into walls; a scripted …

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Touch and Go

Stuffed monkey at the CT Children's Museum

Costumes, games, puzzles, puppets, playhouses. Bugs, drums, wheel barrows, Lincoln Logs, a maze. Toy planes and trains and trucks and cars, toy toolboxes, a toy piano. And stuffed animals. Oh, the stuffed animals. Elephants, giraffes, mice, frogs, monkeys. Bears and …

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Enlightened by Eli

Bill Brown, The Eli Whitney Museum and Workshop

Bill Brown is joining time, space, bits of woods and New Haven history before a room of field-tripping fourth graders. …

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