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Air Rights Garage, New Haven

New Haven’s parking garages don’t just have elevators; they are elevators. From their bases, they raise the city’s gaze. From their roofs, they lift its perspective. …

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Lots to See

Temple Street Garage, New Haven

Few of New Haven’s public spaces are more snubbed by the public that uses them than its parking garages.

The moment we enter these multi-level lots, we’re planning our escape. We find the …

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Lens Crafters

Mistina and Luke Hanscom inside Lotta Studio

Next to a sideways stack of records is a record player. It’s not the very old kind, but it’s still pretty old, but it’s newer than many of those records. An exception is the LP on the player’s platter: Sublime’s …

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By Design

Gray Organschi Architecture

It turned an empty concrete bunker into a glittering tapas bar. It took an old fire station and made a dynamic watering hole. It transformed a derelict warehouse into a sleek workspace.…

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Third Time’s the Charm

Shen New Haven interior

New York City pulsates with noise and energy and entropy, a whirlwind of commotion that—as Carol Shen, owner of two Shen Boutiques in NYC’s Upper East Side, knows firsthand after nearly 30 years in business there—can be exhausting. That’s one …

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Designs of the Times

Christopher Widmer and Karin Patriquin of Patriquin Architects

Seinfeld character George Costanza often pretended he was an architect in order to impress women, a recurring feature on the path to his inevitable, hilarious downfall at episode’s end.

The ploy made sense amid…

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