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Time Travel

From well into the 19th century to well into the 20th, trolleys were the method of choice for getting New Haveners where they needed to go.…

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Phone Home

George Coy's Telephone Switchboard

The extraordinariness of being able to make a phone call from the little gadget you keep in your pocket may not ring loud and clear, but try to imagine life without it.…

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A decorative pennyfarthing outside The Devil's Gear Bike Shop in New Haven

I want to ride my bicycle.
I want to ride my bike.
I want to ride my bicycle.
I want to ride it where I like.

—“Bicycle Race” by Queen (1978)…

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Pier Review

Long Wharf circa 1868

The grinding, screeching, honking orchestra of an estimated 140,000 cars per day crosses over the old skeleton of Long Wharf, New Haven’s oldest pier. This remnant of the city’s…

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Rear View

2014 Review

Daily Nutmeg’s covered a lot of ground since January 1, 2014.

On January 2, writer Cara McDonough put the city’s tucked-away U.S. Coast Guard outpost onto New Haveners’ collective SONAR.…

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Slices of History

Sally's Apizza exterior

There aren’t many restaurants in New Haven that can look back on more than 75 years of doing business, but Sally’s Apizza, located at 237 Wooster Street in the heart of the city’s “Little Italy,” is one of them.…

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New Haven’s Finest

NHPD Sergeant John Driscoll circa 1892

“The oldest active sergeant… Unquestionable integrity, loyalty to his duty… earned the utmost respect of every member of the department… Law abiding citizens respect and honor this man, lawbreakers fear him… with Rooseveltian persistency…

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Safe Houses

400 Blake Street house move

People have been moving houses—literally moving them–for hundreds of years, which may seem foundationally silly in today’s world.

But sometimes it’s the smartest move, and that was especially…

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Fermenting Evolution

Hull's beer bottle

Humanity’s love for beer traces back many thousands of years ago to Mesopotamia, when malts and barley became fermented in water and brave individuals dared consume the result.…

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A Look Before We Leap

Daily Nutmeg Photo Collage

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?

That opening question of the nostalgia-riddled Scottish folk song “Auld Lang Syne,”…

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