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Field Days

Baseball players at Yale Field

It would’ve been fitting if, instead of April 5, opening day of the 2015 pro baseball season had fallen on April Fools’. Plenty of us have made fools of ourselves rooting for the Yankees or Red Sox, or have been …

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Vocal Locals

Frank Sinatra, Tony Consiglio and Michael Bolton with his band Blackjack

These are the tales of two crooners. One hailed from Hoboken, New Jersey, and picked up a close pal in New Haven along the way to becoming one of the most famous singers of the 20th century. The other is …

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Where It’s Hat

DelMonico sells hats.

Now, if you’ve lived in downtown New Haven during the past 106 years, that statement is not going to turn your head. It’s not going to make you hold onto your hat…

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Writing the Ship

Amistad Memorial

A couple years back, Connecticut Congressman Joe Courtney caught a big blunder in Lincoln, Steven Spielberg’s big film biography of Abraham Lincoln. One scene shows states voting to ratify the…

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Sounds of Silents

The Ten Commandments (1923)

A century ago, saying that there was a silent film screening downtown would be like saying “There’s something on television” today. There were numerous theaters…

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Estrogen Highs photographed by Kathleen Cei

Plug in and turn up the amps. Here, vaguely chronologically, are the top 20 bands who shaped the sound of New Haven and have maintained the city’s image as the most creative original-music scene in Connecticut.…

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Readers Digest

Book Trader Cafe

If you think about it, books and sandwiches have a lot in common. The outside packaging may be attractive, but it’s the filling that matters.

Dave Duda understands that you shouldn’t judge either a novel…

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Department Stories

View from Chapel and Orange circa 1955

Folks shopped there, they ate there, they bought cigarettes and alcohol there. Celebrities went there to tout plays and movies coming to the downtown theaters, sometimes through live radio broadcasts.

Located at the hub of the city’s extensive network of …

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Stars and Strips

artwork by Al Capp

“Life imitates art,” Oscar Wilde wrote, “more than art imitates art.” In New Haven, that art has often involved cartooning and caricature. It’s a fun place to be.

One of the most popular and controversial comic strip…

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Elm City Whodunit

New Haven mystery novels

Peer into New Haven’s fictional case files with this page-turner, originally published September 19, 2012.

A few years ago, the New Haven Free Public Library distributed a hand-out: “Check Out These…

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