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What are the Odds?

Sports Haven

East of Ikea on Long Wharf Drive, not far from where the Mill and Quinnipiac Rivers spill into the New Haven harbor, a semi-industrial hinterland of Interstate flyovers, oil infrastructure…

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Lechon Asado and Ron Zacapa rum at Zafra Rum Bar, New Haven

As a boy, Abel Zekiel Ramirez would watch and wait.

He’d watch the big cruise ships come into port at Key West, Florida, then wait for their passengers to make wishes, tossing coins into the clear…

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Greener Pastures

Known for its green color, black licorice taste and supposed hallucinogenic properties, absinthe goes by many clashing names. Is it the green fairy, or the green fiend? The green muse, or the…

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Cold Comforts

Cranberry Mojito and Ramos Fizz at Olea

In winter, the heart longs for rich, warm, comforting drinks that stick to the ribs. Better still if what sticks also zings on the way down.

Few spirits are as hearty and walloping as a nice bourbon.…

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Raise Your Voice

Karaoke Heroes main room

Sing along if you like:

Walking down Crown Street, south of the green,
your ears catch a tune drifted over on a breeze.

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It’s a Hoot

The Owl Shop

Peer into the smoke-filled room with this updated story, originally published October 4, 2012.

The door opens on a dark, wood-paneled lounge. About a thousand liquor bottles line neat shelves behind the bartender.…

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Wine Pairing

Proprietors at August

The subtitle at August: Upscale Bar and Eatery is hardly necessary; a refined candlelit decor accented by blooming roses communicates the idea quite well on its own. Married proprietors Andrew Hotis and Michelle Chadwick-Hotis…

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Speak Easy

Bill and Bill Contois

We’re on vacation! For the rest of the week, enjoy Daily Nutmeg editions past, starting with this tavern-ous story from last March.

The corner of Nicoll and Eagle Streets in East Rock seems mostly unremarkable, occupied by a tidy, old …

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Fire in the Belly

Plain pizza at Da Legna

Owner Dan Parillo is manning the wood-fired oven at his State Street pizzeria Da Legna. He’s got myriad duties to perform or oversee, but he seems most comfortable here in the kitchen, making signature pizzas and small plates, and trying …

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Speak Easy

Bill Contois and son

The corner of Nicoll and Eagle Streets in East Rock seems mostly unremarkable, occupied by a tidy, old brick building, the upstairs levels respectfully residential.

But intrigue peeks out streetside, where a small sign in the…

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