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Presto Chango

George Kulp and Peter Chenot in The Magician

“Pah pah pah pah pah pah pah…”



A few days ago, in garish black tuxedo and red dress shirt, deep-throated New Haven Theater…

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Long Supply

To those who’d describe themselves as “non-artistic,” an art supply store like Hull’s, which has been around in one form or another since 1947, is full of potential intimidations. Rows of specialty oil paints are meant for experts only, right? …

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That’s the Spirit!

"Windows into Heaven" at Knights of Columbus Museum

Perched at the mouth of State Street, the Knights of Columbus Museum has acted as a gallery and archive of Catholic history and culture for over 30 years.

The museum’s stunning concrete-and-glass home is airy, well-lit and spacious. A variety …

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A Kick in the Paints

Kwadwo Adae and student

I met with artist and instructor Kwadwo Adae at his Adae Fine Art Academy on Chapel Street during one of the hottest days of the year. The urban asphalt baked in the sun. The air was thick and languorous. Everyone …

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The Big Idea

L'homme Cirque

For the finale of his one-man show L’homme Cirque, performed several times daily inside a small circus tent erected on New Haven Green, David Dimitri shoots himself out of a cannon onto a hanging rope, climbs the rope to …

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Stuck Elevator. Photographed by Kevin Berne.

The face of the International Festival of Arts & Ideas is a place.

There’s also a phrase or a name or a concept with which folks attempt to shorthand Arts & Ideas if they want to. This year’s official theme/slogan …

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Pictures of Health

Part of "The Art of Healing" at Smilow Cancer Hospital

Dealing with cancer is an undoubtedly difficult task, one in which a positive support system of friends, family and a trusted medical team is critical.

For patients at Yale-New Haven’s Smilow Cancer Hospital, there’s fine art to ease their troubles …

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Masters of Fine Art

Yale University Art Gallery

Oh, to live in New Haven when art is in bloom!

For weeks, tourists have been flocking to see the new and improved Yale University Art Gallery. One of the first things they learn? They should have planned a longer …

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Crèche-ing Through the Snow

Joyeüx Noël: Christmas in Canada

Brooklyn-based garage rock band The Fleshtones have a song on their Christmas-spirited album Stocking Stuffers called “Canadian Christmas”:

I remember a time not so long ago
Pushing my way through the ice and snow
Feeling at one with the frozen

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Reel Estate

Stephen Dest

Stephen Dest sees New Haven as a city of artists and unpredictable characters. “This is a small city, a walkable city, an intelligent city. No matter where you go, you have the best conversations,” he says. “Two things you always …

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