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Floral Support

Outside, crocuses are pushing up to meet the sun. Inside, at Any Occasion Creation florist shop on Howe Street, more colorful blooms are being prepared to brighten the day. …

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Life of Style

Sequins and suede, velour with fur, a jeans-and-khaki jumpsuit with a little bit of bling. That’s what you’ll find at More Amour Boutique, a new “retro chic and edgy” shop on Whalley Avenue owned by Kim Sewell-Poole. …

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Gotta Run

Running is simple—and hard. …

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Swatching the Parade

As the city hibernates in response to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re reaching into our archives. On this year’s paradeless St. Patrick’s Day, please enjoy this procession of photos from 2018. 

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In Character

Perhaps like your own closet, Fashionista Vintage & Variety is crammed full of shirts and skirts, undergarments and shoes, hats and belts. But it’s unlikely your closet has so much…

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Inexpensive Taste

Inside the Thrift Shop at Yale New Haven Hospital, a customer emerges from the dressing room wearing a jacket and skirt of matching white leather. …

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Formal Invitation

Say Yes to the Prom Dress

A photo essay. To view all 19 images, check out the email version.

Coral and emerald and sunflower and silver, long and short and mermaid and princess, satin and…

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Something Old, Like New

Orange Restoration Labs is not an ordinary dry cleaner. Instead of office attire and cocktail dresses, the racks are full of bridal gowns—satin and chiffon, taffeta and organdy, trimmed with lace and…

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Sewing and Reaping

The geometric pattern in shades of red appears at first to be random. …

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Looks Alive

Neville Wisdom at his downtown shop

Couture isn’t supposed to be approachable, but for local womenswear designer Neville Wisdom, approachability is the thread that runs through everything…

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