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With a Vengeance

It takes a lot of anger to write an epic poem about how much you dislike a place. …

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Official Acts

If you think Mayor Justin Elicker has his hands full these days, meet Mayor John W. Murphy. …

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Hallowed Ground

Can you feel them? All Hallow’s Eve is upon us, and the dead are just beneath our feet.

New Haven is an old city, and there are bodies where we least expect them. In the East Shore section of town, …

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Entertainment Center

Few buildings in New Haven have stirred more sentiment—positive or negative—than the New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum. …

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Home to a historic village, a public library, old factory buildings, art studios and galleries, Edgewood Park, Hopkins School, the Yale Bowl, the Yale Golf Course and…

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Character Development

Local college mascots are more than foam and fabric. They’re also flesh and blood—in one case, a canine’s—with tales behind their tails. …

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Troup Formation

Augusta Troup (née Lewis)

Connecticut voted for the 19th amendment, which granted women the right to vote, on September 14, 1920. That same day, the state lost one of its most ardent and least recognized suffragists, Augusta Lewis Troup…

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Splitting the Vote

The subject for the next debate of the Hillhouse High School Debating Club, which will be held on Friday, January 19, is, “Resolved, That the right of suffrage should be extended to women in all political elections.”

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Under Construction

“We are taking the town out of the 18th century and projecting it into the 21st.”

Even for a politician, that was a hyperbolic way of casting New Haven’s urban renewal program …

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Cross Purposes

There’s an element of time travel on Route 15. …

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