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Cough Medicine

As the city contends with the coronavirus pandemic, we’re reaching back into our archives—this time all the way to 2014, when we told the story of New Haven’s triumph over another epidemiological menace.

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Last Time

Nancy Peer knew it was time to get her son, Brian, out of the hospital. …

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Rise and Shine

As the sun rises on New Haven, a crowd gathers at Sunrise Cafe. …

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’Front Line

Connecticut has its fair share of rail trails—converted train beds for hiking and biking. Trolley trails are less common, but that’s just what you get with Branford’s Trolley Trail, a…

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Fighting Spirit

Whether he’s tapping a twanging rhythm on the wire string of a berimbau, landing gymnastic poses with his feet high in the air or simply…

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Getting to Work

They come down Orange Street in ones and twos and threes. They wear athletic jackets and long, flapping coats. They carry backpacks and panniers. …

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Step by Step

Shana Schneider with walking tour

A Fitstyle walking tour with Shana Schneider is as much about the walking as it is about the tour. …

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District Court

New Haven’s “first and only biergarten,” as co-owner Jason Sobocinski puts it, is open. …

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Medical History

Bottles of penicillin, 1944

In March of 1942, Anne Miller lay dying at New Haven Hospital. …

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Saying Something

Danielle Combs, Danielle Hottin and Sheila Hayre

There’s a lot people don’t know about trafficking. …

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