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New Haven’s Finest

NHPD Sergeant John Driscoll circa 1892

“The oldest active sergeant… Unquestionable integrity, loyalty to his duty… earned the utmost respect of every member of the department… Law abiding citizens respect and honor this man, lawbreakers fear him… with Rooseveltian persistency…

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Safe Houses

400 Blake Street house move

People have been moving houses—literally moving them–for hundreds of years, which may seem foundationally silly in today’s world.

But sometimes it’s the smartest move, and that was especially…

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Fermenting Evolution

Hull's beer bottle

Humanity’s love for beer traces back many thousands of years ago to Mesopotamia, when malts and barley became fermented in water and brave individuals dared consume the result.…

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Rocky Road

A drawing of the Stewart family’s former estate by Thomas Royal Waite in 1887, as reproduced in the April 14, 1912, edition of the New Haven Register.

Little do most people know of the eccentric characters who once roamed the wooded paths and craggy cliff walks of our beloved East Rock Park. These irregular recluses on the ridge range from the broke heartbroken hermit Elisha…

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Do Not Disturb

Map of the old New Haven Green

The spiritual realm—can you feel it? All Hallow’s Eve is upon us, and the dead are just beneath our feet.

Many burial sites have well-constructed fences and gates to mark the resting places of the…

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Pier Review

Long Wharf circa 1868

A grinding, screeching, honking orchestra of 140,000 cars per day crosses over the old skeleton of Long Wharf, New Haven’s oldest pier. This remnant of the city’s economic heyday, when it was a West Indian trading port, sits buried below …

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History Repeating

Winchester Repeating Arms Company factory circa 1920

Over the next month, the United States Department of the Interior will be reading a 193-page report about New Haven’s Newhallville neighborhood. The document contains detailed information, house by house, naming each resident and his or her occupation, with maps …

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